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fiancaille-photographe-Lausanne-Dent de Jaman
Fiancailles-photographe-Lausanne-Dent de Jaman

This location is very easy and quick to reach from Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux, Vevey. It only requires 30 min hike but it is a little technical so you can not be a complete beginner or afraid of heights. Let me know your requirements and capabilities. I have locations that are everything from no hike to adventurous ones. 

Weather you just need amazing couple photos, or just lacking ideas of how to propose in a unique and special way...

Look no further. I’ve got your back. Do an adventure engagement photoshoot and choose from plenty of ideas. An engagement is a once in a lifetime happening and you just can not fail. Make sure it will be a unique memory that will stay in yours and your partners minds forever as a really special and amazing event. Below I will give you my top 5 best ideas for a unique and unforgettable proposal!  

Make sure you create beautiful memories!

This location in Lausanne is the best value location with many different views and back drops for couple photography. Lake, mountains, beach forrest and even roman ruins! 

My TOP 5 best ideas for an engagement proposal

1. Sunset Beach Barbecue Proposal

Prepare a sunset barbecue on the beach with flowers, champagne, candles, quilts and cushions. Take a night dip in the sea and perhaps do star photos at night, with a bit off luck with the Milky Way as a backdrop.  

2. Mountain top sunrise proposal

Propose on the top of a mountain at sunrise with a following champagne and breakfast picnic. Share the moment only with the marmots (and me hiding behind a rock 🐭)  

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3. Forrest romantic dinner proposal

Prepare a secret candle light dinner in the forrest with lanterns and live guitarist. Eat, propose, and dance the night away. Would you dare bringing your partner there on a horse? 

4. Boat tour proposal

Do a boat tour and propose at the middle of the lake. Have a romantic picnic prepared and do a swim in the lake in front of the mountain backdrop. 

5. Helicopter tour proposal

Take a helicopter tour (you could give it as a birthday present?) and propose at the secret remote place probably with an amazing view. Make sure it’s at sunset or sunrise for the most amazing photos and experience. And of course, champagne is mandatory! That there is an independent photographer taking landscape pictures is completely normal. 

The memory if this will stay in your partners mind for a lifetime and the photos will be there for you to forget about absolutely nothing. I assure you, putting efforts and money into this will be so worth it. Adventuring and experiences is something that you will never regret! 

Winter weddings & engagements that are truly special

Best elopement location Europe Switzerland. Winter wedding inspiration. Elopement photographer Sweden.
Bröllopsfotograf österlen Ystad Malmö Simrishamn fotograf

elopement photographer Switzerland Europe Sweden bröllopsfotograf Skåne österlen

This location is “easy” to access in winter if you want an amazing mountain view and don’t want to too much of an effort . If you are ready for some more exercise and adventure most magic places can be accessed with snowshoes, hike, ski or ski touring. I am up for most exciting adventures if you are! 

photographe couple fiançailles Lausanne

5 things to think about before your proposal.

1. Personality, interests and dreams

What would your partner appreciate the most. Does he/she want a lot of people around? Would intimate be the way to go? Is he/she sporty, afraid of heights etc. Does she/he like adventures or would something more low key be better? What do you think would be the dream situation and activity for your partner?

2. Scenery and Landscape for amazing photos

Which landscape do you and your partner prefer. Is it mountains, lakes, forrest, beach or city scapes perhaps?

3. Season for the proposal

Do you and your partner prefer warm summers, wildly orange and colourful autumns, snowy energetic winters or a proposal under the cherry trees in spring?

4. Activities

What activities and surprises would she/he appreciate the most? Would a proposal during skydiving be her dream? Or is he more low key and prefers a candle light dinner proposal? There are millions of possibilities so just do a brainstorming to find the most 

5. Budget

You just don’t want to save money on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Because how much is a YES worth? How much is the most amazing experience worth?  But… perhaps you still have a limited possibility to pay so think about what that amount could be.

So, now you can start booking vendors. Always start with the photographer. I have loads of ideas and concrete solutions to your vision for your engagement. 

The memory of this will stay in your partners mind for a lifetime and the photos will be there for you to forget about absolutely nothing. I assure you, putting efforts and money into this will be so worth it. Adventuring and experiences is something that you will never regret! And remember, this YES – it’s the beginning of forever. 


” I can’t begin to express my gratitude and positive experience with MA LOVE Photography. I moved from the United States to Switzerland in November and was in desperate need for a talented photographer and videographer for my engagement photos. She was able to answer all of my questions and based off of my “wants” she made sure everything was checked on my checklist. She even went above and beyond to have her husband create a video I envisioned. If you are looking for an experienced photographer who is also kind, flexible, and fun to be around, book MA LOVE Photography. You WON’T regret it!

Best wedding photographer Switzerland Lausanne Verbier Gstaad Zermatt Geneve Montreux Vevey Crans Montana. Bästa bröllopsfotografen Skåne Malmö Ystad österlen 

“Absolutely beautiful pictures and great experience. Malin not only takes exceptional pictures but she also makes the experience incredible by being fun, patient, creative and transparent whilst photo shooting allowing for the pictures to look very natural. We highly recommend her for any types of events!”



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If you don’t find your perfect idea of what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me with your needs.

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