The best third wheel you could possibly dream of…

I will get up at 3 just to capture your moments at sunrise, climb a mountain, sail an ocean, ski down just about any slope. Just to make sure that you spend the day just as YOU are dreaming about! Or I will simply sneak around like a little mouse on your party. Just as you wish. 

As a true lover of the outdoors, I can hike any mountain, climb, ski, go on a boat, sleep in a tent and will do it all for you, get up at three in the morning for an amazing sunrise, all to assure your vision comes to life. I seek to inspire and encourage the adventurous spirit within each couple by guiding you along this elopement journey assuring this alternative way of getting married, relaxed and intimate, can indeed by a reality, helping craft YOUR dream wedding day.

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If you prefer you can also contact me via e-mail: or send a message or call if you prefer +41786066168 on WhatsApp. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What does "travel fees included" mean?

It means that normal travel such as airline, train, bus and a low-midrange hotel is included. If you wish to do some extras such as a helicopter ride or similar that comes on top. 

How many images do I get?

This is a complex question. It depends on the package you choose. If you have some images included, that’s what you get. Most of the time you can add images if you wish. 

If you have taken the packages with the whole gallery included I promise the minimum of 50 images per hour of shooting.  But you get all good photos so most of the time you get much more than that. It depends on the situation. 

What is your shooting style?

Generally I try to adapt to what you wish. If you just want me to document what is happening I try to shoot as invisible as possible. If you wish me to interact, optimise etc. I will do that. 

I am a true believer of story telling and not posing and making up things. My mission is to tell your story as you are. 

Can I post the pictures online?

Yes you can! In social media  you have to tag me, and on your blog/website you have to write “Photo by MA LOVE photography” and add a real backlink to my page

What is your editing style?

I adapt my style to the situation. Every situation has a different expression, different light, different colours etc. But generally my style is true to life. What you see on my page is what you get. If you have any wishes please discuss that with me before. I am open to adapt to your wish as much as I can! 

Can I edit the files?

No you can’t. the pictures are copywrite by me. 

Are you a mountain guide or a wedding planner?

I am not a qualified mountain guide so for serious mountaineering or so you need to add a qualified mountain guide. I am also not a wedding planner, you have to do your bookings your self (or hire a real wedding planner). What I do in the elopement packages is that I guide you through the whole process (so most of the time you don’t need a wedding planner or mountain guide) from idea to location lists and assisting in finding a ceremony place, local vendor proposals. If you do a hiking elopement for example I have always been to the place before to scout so that I can bring you there without any problems. 

What if it's bad weather?

What is bad weather? The most amazing times has often been in “bad weather”. I had myself rain on my wedding and neither us nor our guests will EVER forget our amazing wedding. BUT, it has to be safe! Both for you and me and for my camera equipment. So, if it’s possible we should always have a plan B and perhaps even a plan C. 

How far in advance should we book?

Usually I don’t take bookings later than 18 months in advance but as soon as you have a date get in contact with me

We dont know how many hours we need?

No worries! It’s normal to not knowing that when you start to plan. Book the minimum hours that you imagine to book your date. I also help you planning your timeline and then you can always upgrade to a bigger package when the plan is finalised. Unlike some other photographers I don’t charge any extra for that. 

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