The best third wheel you could possibly dream of…

I will get up at 3 just to capture your moments at sunrise, climb a mountain, sail an ocean, ski down just about any slope. Just to make sure that you spend the day just as YOU are dreaming about! Or I will simply sneak around like a little mouse on your party. Just as you wish. 

As a true lover of the outdoors, I can hike any mountain, climb, ski, go on a boat, sleep in a tent and will do it all for you, get up at three in the morning for an amazing sunrise, all to assure your vision comes to life. I seek to inspire and encourage the adventurous spirit within each couple by guiding you along this elopement journey assuring this alternative way of getting married, relaxed and intimate, can indeed by a reality, helping craft YOUR dream wedding day.

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If you prefer you can also contact me via e-mail: maloveinfo @ 

or you can always try to call if you prefer +41786066168. As I have a lot of sales calls etc. I don’t really call back so if I don’t answer just try to call again or send me an email  with your phone number and I will get back to you. 

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